Needing Time for Diagnoses to Sink In

Midlands-based actor Paddy Considine gives a revealing interview in the latest Observer in which he talks to Killian Fox about his recent diagnosis with Asperger’s syndrome.

Considine, who was unforgettable in Uttoxeter-born director Shane Meadows’ drama Dead Man’s Shoes, describes the relief found within the diagnosis (“All my life I’ve felt this way and have had no idea why … I am grateful because now I can name my condition as something other than selfishness or anger”).

He also speaks of the need to come to terms with the condition; charities have been approaching him since his diagnosis, no doubt desperate for well-known and eloquent spokespeople and patrons, but Considine says he needs “at least a couple of years” to get to grips with it.

People often talk about relatives’ and friends’ reactions to diagnoses as wrongly trying to see the person as somehow ‘settled’ into their condition once it has a name. But whether it’s Asperger’s, depression, cancer, HIV or any other number of diagnoses, the person will need time to come to terms with both what it means for themselves and what it means in the eyes of people they know, and indeed in the eyes of total strangers.

Paddy Considine’s new film Tyrannosaur is on general release from 7th October.


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